About Us :

LevenR pharma is one of the fast growing pharmaceutical company in India, that entered the cardiac and Diabetic market in 2011, With a vision towards Empowering life & wellbeing who are committed to deliver the best. LevenR pharma believe that if we care of the present, we inspire a better future in the cardiac Diabetic community & provide fresh, Innovation products and ideas that meet Doctor and patient needs, we ensure value for money by developing innovative and processes to produce safe effective and consistent quality pharmaceuticals products.

Health and well being are paramount to us. That is why we are focused in bringing only the best medicines to market. Our innovative treatments can make an important difference to the lives of patients.

Mission & Vision : Quality is the governing factor in all of our endeavors. our goal is to know the exact need of our customers and provide products and services to their complete satisfaction. The foundation of this goal is to build a total commitment towards quality.

We believe that these improvements will result only by reviewing performance measurements in a timely manner and by utilizing a live and functioning quality improvement process.

Our vision is to be leading pharmaceutical company in India and to become a significant global player by providing high quality.

Tel : 0821-6551115 / 9886419256

E-Mail : levenrpharma@gmail.com

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