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  • #12, 1st Floor, Opp. PUSHPASHRAM R.S. NADIU NAGAR, MYSORE - 570007

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    At LevenR Pharma quality is a way of life, we believe that there are no short cuts. We have, an experienced team to meet the highest regulatory and quality standards.



    Our Innovation process is based on structured research targeting the root cause of pain points in the areas of - Biopharma. Biotechnology markets.



    We follow highest standards of environment and safety practices. Our facility has a zero-discharge process and the company ensures safe disposal of any and all waste generated.

LevenR Pharma

Get to Know About Us

Welcome To LevenR

LevenR Pharma India Private Limited is a Private Company dealing with drugs related to Diabetics, Hypertension, Painkillers and other drugs.

LevenR Pharma Incorporated in 2011 the company is led by a young team of four dynamic directors. established with a aim to manufacture quality medicines similar to those made by best global pharma companies, and make them accessible to small and big customers alike in India. Today because of its base of satisfied customers, Cadomed is fast expanding pharmaceutical company in India having over 60+ registered Brands, and is steadily working to make a presence across the Globe.

Cadomed Production units are ISO, WHO - cGMP & GLP certified, using modern technology and equipped with contemporary machines and instruments. At Cadomed believe in weaving in business ethics in all our endeavours and continuously updating and upgrading to deliver a uniform quality that surpasses industry benchmarks.



LevenR Pharma has grown without increasing our environmental footprint because we conserve natural resources. Our R&D division drives sustainable growth by implementing solvent recovery processes, photo oxidation, and conventional biological treatment for effluents. It has developed a chemical management system to access a chemicals database for information about safety.



LevenR Pharma upholds best practices in plant maintenance and operations to safeguard the health of our professionals. Our employees undergo medical checkups at regular intervals while technicians involvedin processes related to chemicals undergo rigorous health tests. Every plant has an in-house health center managed by a medical practitioner and a nurse.



LevenR Pharma inculcates safety by running a daily safety campaign, ‘Stop 1 Minute for Safety,’ ensuring safety awareness among plant workers at the beginning of every shift. We also undertake a campaign to reward safety measures and penalize laxity on the part of employees.

Works That Matters

All these products should be within easy reach of the consumer backed by a continuous and new products, manufactured under strict quality control and as per W.H.O guidelines are just a few factors that contribute to our success.

Qualified Medical Facilities

Our strong clinical management and care teams provide the highest standard of nursing care available. Our high staff to resident ratio guarantees that a continuum of care is provided in a homely, safe and secure environment where each resident gets the most out of living.

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LevenR Pharma is a Private Company dealing with drugs related to Diabetics, Hypertension,